Interview with WP Engine Founder Jason Cohen

For fans of our High Performance WordPress series, you might be interested to see that Mixergy just posted a compelling interview with the founder of the fastest WordPress web host in the west, WP Engine Founder Jason Cohen. In the interview Jason talks with Mixergy about the early days of WP Engine and how the business has grown from zero to over $1 million in revenue in just one measly year.

Plus WordPress again is a massive market and growing. That just felt like it was going to be easier. One thing that we were talking about is how it felt like this company was easier. That is it grew fast, people liked it, it made sense and so forth. Some people want to say it’s easier because I’ve done a bunch of startups and therefore now it’s easy. That’s completely not true by the way and we can get into that, that it’s easy. It just means that maybe that you have a little bit more wisdom or you notice a pattern, but that’s here and there. Not everyday. It’s just an absolute struggle everyday, period. I credit, actually, the customer development part of that for why it was easy.

It’s a long interview and there is a transcript available on Mixergy but it’s well worth watching it in full if you can spare the time. Well done to Jason & Co.!


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    1. your most welcome Andrew – I’m a big fan of Mixergy 🙂

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