Great new solution for responsive Images and WordPress

So I’m in the middle of building a new responsive WordPress theme and am currently knee deep in studying the various different techniques available for handling responsive images within the overall context of responsive web design. One thing is very evident at the moment –  this little chestnut has not been cracked yet. This is evident by the myriad of different approaches currently being adopted by the webs best and brightest. Some nice posts which summarise the most prevalent methods include:

The Challenge of Responsive Images (my preferred route thus far)

Responsive IMGS Part 2 – In-depth look at techniques (really detailed review of pretty much every known technique)

There’s also been some additional novel solutions proposed in the past few weeks including a return of the dreaded gif/png spacer. It seems pretty much the whole web is furiously exploring the best solution to responsive images at the moment!

With this in mind a really interesting blog post appeared today from Keir Whitaker of Viewport Industries on Automatic responsive images in WordPress. Keir’s post pretty much blew me away to be honest. While I’ve not had the chance to implement what Keir describes in the post, it pretty much looks like the best approach to responsive images I’ve seen to date. What’s more it really highlights the power of WordPress filters. Honestly, if you’ve not played with WordPress filters as part of your theme/plugin development you are missing out on a world of fun – they’re so damn powerful. Thanks to Keir for putting together a really detailed write up on this. It’s now top of my todo list to play with 🙂



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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the mention in your article, really hope you find the idea useful. It works for us for those featured images and I am working on a way of integrating it into the main section of the blog for images added via the editor.

    Let me know how you get on with it if you find time to try it out.


    1. Hey Keir, yip it’s already been very useful! I will definitely follow up on this very soon. Great work on by the way between yourself and Mr. Stocks.

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