New theme shop ThemeZilla launch imminent from Orman Clark

So it looks like the WordPress Commercial Theme landscape is about to get a BIG shakeup.

Orman Clark is one of the most popular and successful WordPress theme developers of all time. He’s generally regarded as one of the nicest gents you could possibly meet in the WordPress community. It’s no accident that Ormans combination of world class theme design and all round likeability and excellent support has seen him sky rocket to towards the top of the themeforest Top Authors list in an insanely short amount of time.

As someone who works with WordPress themes daily, Ormans themes have always been a dream to work with. When I first started building my own themes I didn’t have to look far for a benchmark for coding standards and general theme structure.

Against this backdrop it’s no surprise really to find that Orman is about to launch a brand new theme shop called ThemeZilla. Orman has partnered with what looks like a great team and from the sounds of it has been very busy building lots of new WordPress themes on a brand new theme framework. The team includes Gilbert Pellegrom of Dev7Studios who made the wonderful Nivo Slider WordPress plugin.

ThemeZilla has yet to unveil it’s new website but it sounds like it’s not far away now. It’s pretty much a guarantee that ThemeZilla will be a runaway success.

I for one can’t wait to see what the lads are cooking up!


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