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Empowering journalists with WordPress

28 March 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: tutorials

Great write up from Ryan on how journalists can leverage WordPress.
One of my pet peeves — major, major pet peeves — is when sites break up articles into multiple pages. You’ve probably seen it before: two or three thousand words, spread out so that around 800 words or so occupy each page. I’m sorry if you do that, but that practicemakes me hate you.
Me too Ryan. Me too.

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High Performance WordPress – Part 4

16 November 2011 comment icon20 | Categories: featured, performance, tutorials

Alrighty folks, if you’ve been following along with the High Performance WordPress post series you will by now have experienced the awesomeness of a WordPress website running on nginx. If you’ve not been following along what are you waiting for? Go check out the following posts first:

Part 1 – VPS Setup
Part 2 – nginx/mysql setup
Part 3 – WordPress setup & tuning on nginx

Today we’re going to sqeeze even more performance out of your trusty little VPS by configuring and tuning an opcode cache for php.
What is an Opcode cache?
PHP differs from languages like Java and the .net framework in that it is an interpreted language meaning that each time you call a PHP script, the …

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Getting Started with the Genesis Framework Part 2 – Creating a custom homepage template

07 February 2011 comment icon13 | Categories: featured, tutorials

So when we left off with Part 1 of a Getting Started with the Genesis Theme Framework we had taken a look at some of the really basic building blocks of a Genesis child theme and had got you setup with a basic custom child theme. Now it’s time to take us a step forward. Let’s start with our website homepage. As you know most blogs follow a pretty standard layout format -usually a main content area and a single sidebar either to the left or the right of your main content (and most commonly to the right).
Well if you’re building a corporate website you will probably want to break out from that layout for …

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Getting Started with the Genesis Theme Framework – Part 1

16 January 2011 comment icon4 | Categories: tutorials

So we’ve been doing a lot of development work with the Genesis Framework from StudioPress over the past few months and I thought I’d share with you some of our experiences in the form of a Getting Started with Genesis tutorial series.
Over the series, we’ll bring you through the basics of creating your first Child theme. So Part 1 starts right now!
How do I setup my first Genesis WordPress child theme?
The first really really important thing to remember is that Genesis is like any other WordPress Parent/child theme relationship. You must have the parent Genesis theme installed before you build your first child theme. For now, we’ll assume you’ve got your hands on Genesis and …

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5 Must Read Tutorials on WordPress Custom Post Types

25 July 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: development, tutorials, wordpress

So I’m doing some Sunday driving today and taking a closer look at WordPress Custom Post Types and how they can be implemented into WordPress themes in WordPress 3.0.
I must admit, this is pretty powerful stuff and the lines between theme development and plugin development are blurring a lot more now in 3.0 than ever before.
Anyway, those for interested here’s a quick list of 5 Must Read tutorials on WordPress Custom Post Types that will get you up to speed on what you can do with it:

As usual Jason Tadlock has the definitive skinny on the latest and greatest WordPress innovations – go read his Custom Post Types in WordPress
Nice and simple modification of TwentyTen …

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