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Great new solution for responsive Images and WordPress

12 April 2012 comment icon2 | Categories: development

So I’m in the middle of building a new responsive WordPress theme and am currently knee deep in studying the various different techniques available for handling responsive images within the overall context of responsive web design. One thing is very evident at the moment –  this little chestnut has not been cracked yet. This is evident by the myriad of different approaches currently being adopted by the webs best and brightest. Some nice posts which summarise the most prevalent methods include:
The Challenge of Responsive Images (my preferred route thus far)
Responsive IMGS Part 2 – In-depth look at techniques (really detailed review of pretty much every known technique)
There’s also been some additional novel solutions proposed in …

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Sneak peek at the new Theme Previewer Feature in the upcoming WordPress 3.4 Release

28 March 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: development

So it’s been a while since I checked out the bleeding edge dev trunk for WordPress. I spotted todays Dev Chat blog post from Jane Wells and I managed to find a few spare minutes this evening and pulled down the latest nightly build (3.4-alpha-20291 as of writing). One feature immediately jumped out of me and thought it would be of interest to you all.
The new WordPress Theme Previewer/Customizer
This is big big news for WordPress users and Theme Developers alike. I predict this will completely change how WordPress users go about customizing their themes and it will also have a big impact on what features theme developers implement in the very near future. It’s now …

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In defense of themeforest

17 October 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: development, opinion

I’ve been keeping a close eye on a number of different theme marketplaces recently. As far as WordPress is concerned, to me there are 2 main marketplaces in the ecosystem today. The first and the biggest by some distance in my opinion is the juggernaut that is themeforest (part of envato). The second is the newer kid on the block Mojo Themes (disclosure: I currently sell themes with Mojo Themes). This isn’t a themeforest vs. Mojo Themes post – it wouldn’t be appropriate for me as I’m currently not a theme seller on themeforest. This is purely a post to dispel some common misconceptions about the quality of product available in said marketplaces.
If it was once …

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WordPress Deployment Options

23 June 2011 comment icon2 | Categories: development

Ok I’ve had enough – I NEED better options for deploying WordPress websites.
Right now I manage a LOT of WordPress websites – probably close to 40 sites – maybe more. In fact I’ve lost count!
Right now my development process goes something like this.

Download latest and great WordPress stable version
Build website locally – get everything looking sweet within a XAMPP instance on my Mac.
Deploy website to a staging/test link – this is where the process gets messy. My deployment process at the moment is far from ideal and I’m sure it can be automated and streamlined. Anyway, this is what I currently do:

Dumpy mysql DB .
Zip local WordPress instance.
Setup staging DB user/db.
Import DB to staging server.

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The importance of testing themes

04 April 2011 comment icon4 | Categories: development

Today I read one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a long time about What’s Wrong with commercial WordPress themes by Martin Vlachynsky Vicenik (sorry Martin for getting your name wrong!) over on the Foliovision blog. Martin delves deep into the bowels of some of the most popular commercial WordPress themes to reveal how poorly optimised queries in some of the themes Foliovision have used have ended up having a huge performance cost in the form of overly expensive DB queries. Martin also does an excellent job of providing lots of information about how to test your themes performance and some excellent tools and plugins to help with the process. WooThemes and Elegantthemes are just …

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5 Must Read Tutorials on WordPress Custom Post Types

25 July 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: development, tutorials, wordpress

So I’m doing some Sunday driving today and taking a closer look at WordPress Custom Post Types and how they can be implemented into WordPress themes in WordPress 3.0.
I must admit, this is pretty powerful stuff and the lines between theme development and plugin development are blurring a lot more now in 3.0 than ever before.
Anyway, those for interested here’s a quick list of 5 Must Read tutorials on WordPress Custom Post Types that will get you up to speed on what you can do with it:

As usual Jason Tadlock has the definitive skinny on the latest and greatest WordPress innovations – go read his Custom Post Types in WordPress
Nice and simple modification of TwentyTen …

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