The importance of testing themes

Today I read one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a long time about What’s Wrong with commercial WordPress themes by Martin Vlachynsky Vicenik (sorry Martin for getting your name wrong!) over on the Foliovision blog. Martin delves deep into the bowels of some of the most popular commercial WordPress themes to reveal how poorly optimised queries in some of the themes Foliovision have used have ended up having a huge performance cost in the form of overly expensive DB queries. Martin also does an excellent job of providing lots of information about how to test your themes performance and some excellent tools and plugins to help with the process. WooThemes and Elegantthemes are just about as big as they get in commercial themeland so this should serve as a wake up call for ALL theme developers to pay more attention to your themes source code. Seriously, go read it now.


4 responses to “The importance of testing themes”

  1. Thanks for the link. That is an eye-opener!

    1. cheers Pothi – it sure is.

  2. Hi Ed, thanks for the kudos. However, this article wasn’t written by me, but by my colleague Martin Vicenik (there are too many Martins in our company, sometimes we get confused too :), can you please correct it? (Or I will have to buy him a pack of beers to calm him down!)


    1. Hi Martin, my apologies! I’ve corrected the article. Please pass on my apologies to Mr. Vicenik.

      2 Martin V’s – that definitely must get confusing!


      p.s. Love your other WordPress optimisation posts too.

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