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WooThemes Suffers Severe Hack

25 April 2012 comment icon5 | Categories: theme news

Last night I noticed that WooThemes had gone offline. At the time I didn’t think much of it as every site ends up going down once in a blue moon. But then this morning I noticed it was still down and showing a cpanel holding page I knew something strange was up.
Turns out, WooThemes was targeted by a very severe and malicious hack. This attack was so disruptive that WooThemes may be offline for another couple of days while an alternative server and hosting infrastructure is put in place. This is not the first time WooThemes has been targeted. Back in December 2010, the site suffered a prolonged DDOS attack which brought the site to …

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4 Excellent WordPress Books

24 April 2012 comment icon1 | Categories: best of

One of the great things about working with WordPress is the huge wealth of freely available content online covering just about anything you might want to do with WordPress. Got some weird php error after upgrading one of your sites? Chances are you won’t be alone and a simple Google search will solve your problem in a couple of minutes. Want to know about how to optimise your WordPress site for millions of pageviews? Yip, theres tons of stuff online about that too (including *cough*) But sometimes there’s nothing like sitting down and immersing oneself in a really well written book to take you beyond specific problems and queries and broadens your horizons a bit. …

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4 Popular WordPress Responsive Theme Frameworks

17 April 2012 comment icon2 | Categories: theme news

Following up on yesterday’s look at 5 Stunning Responsive WordPress themes, today we take a look at 4 of the most popular responsive WordPress theme frameworks. Why only 4? Well I could write up a list of 10 and then you could go spend another checking out those 10 options. Stuck on time? Thought so! Listen ANY of these frameworks are great starting points and if you’re only getting started with responsive design you should just pick one and dive in. For those unfamiliar with what a theme framework is, think of it as a well developed skeleton theme that has a well defined method and process for extending the skeleton into your own theme …

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5 Stunning Responsive WordPress themes

17 April 2012 comment icon1 | Categories: commercial themes, featured

While responsive web design is a relatively new phenomenon, the WordPress theme development ecosystem has exploded with a plethora of stunning responsive WordPress themes over the past few months. It’s one of the things that I really love about the WordPress community – the speed at which theme developers themselves are so responsive 🙂 I’ve been doing a lot of work on my own responsive WordPress themes lately and have personally looked under the hood of many of the themes listed here. I can tell you that pretty much any of these themes are coded to an excellent standard and would serve as an excellent basis for your own websites. Rather than give you a …

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Highly Infrequent links of the day

12 April 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

Who am I kidding, I don’t have the posting consistency to do a daily dose of links of interest 🙂
Today seems to be a rich vein of quality blog posts for the WordPress ecosystem so here’s some for you to enjoy!
New Book Launch – Client Orientated WordPress Development
New features that WordPress really needs – great post
Nice step through from Oli on his WordPress theme development process

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Great new solution for responsive Images and WordPress

12 April 2012 comment icon2 | Categories: development

So I’m in the middle of building a new responsive WordPress theme and am currently knee deep in studying the various different techniques available for handling responsive images within the overall context of responsive web design. One thing is very evident at the moment –  this little chestnut has not been cracked yet. This is evident by the myriad of different approaches currently being adopted by the webs best and brightest. Some nice posts which summarise the most prevalent methods include:
The Challenge of Responsive Images (my preferred route thus far)
Responsive IMGS Part 2 – In-depth look at techniques (really detailed review of pretty much every known technique)
There’s also been some additional novel solutions proposed in …

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Interview with WP Engine Founder Jason Cohen

11 April 2012 comment icon2 | Categories: performance

For fans of our High Performance WordPress series, you might be interested to see that Mixergy just posted a compelling interview with the founder of the fastest WordPress web host in the west, WP Engine Founder Jason Cohen. In the interview Jason talks with Mixergy about the early days of WP Engine and how the business has grown from zero to over $1 million in revenue in just one measly year.
Plus WordPress again is a massive market and growing. That just felt like it was going to be easier. One thing that we were talking about is how it felt like this company was easier. That is it grew fast, people liked it, it made …

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New theme shop ThemeZilla launch imminent from Orman Clark

03 April 2012 comment icon1 | Categories: commercial themes, theme news

So it looks like the WordPress Commercial Theme landscape is about to get a BIG shakeup.
Orman Clark is one of the most popular and successful WordPress theme developers of all time. He’s generally regarded as one of the nicest gents you could possibly meet in the WordPress community. It’s no accident that Ormans combination of world class theme design and all round likeability and excellent support has seen him sky rocket to towards the top of the themeforest Top Authors list in an insanely short amount of time.
As someone who works with WordPress themes daily, Ormans themes have always been a dream to work with. When I first started building my own themes I didn’t …

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