themezilla goes live

This is a big one. After teasing us for a couple of weeks, themezilla has finally gone live. For those of you not familiar with themezilla, there is a good chance that if you’ve purchased a commercial WordPress theme from themeforest in the past couple of years – you actually are. themezilla is the brainchild of none other than Orman Clark – one of the most successful themeforest authors of all time.

To celebrate the launch, themezilla has 2 new themes, Volumes which is a commercial theme aimed at digital agencies (one of Orman’s more popular theme categories in the past) and the appropriately named Launch which is a fantastic free tumblog style theme.

Big congrats to Orman and the rest of the themezilla team on their launch. It would appear that the launch is already proving very successful as the site is wee bit slow at the moment as it takes a pounding from all the traffic it’s getting. Not a bad problem to have. Orman if you’re listening we have a couple of tuts on a kickass high performance WordPress setup 🙂


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  1. Hey thanks for the write-up, much appreciated! Guess I better go check out some of your tutorials 😉

    1. You are most welcome Orman! I see the site is flying now 🙂

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