Theme News Roundup 27 February

WordPress 3.1 hits the streets

It was a big week this week in WordPress land with the launch of WordPress 3.1 – read our coverage.

Let the exodus from Tumblr to WordPress begin

Ok this might be a bit premature. Tumblr ain’t going anywhere in the near future. But given it’s recent constant problems with downtime I can see more and more people making the switch in the near future. Well this week, that process got a whole lot easier due to the formal release of Post Templates in 3.1 and really nifty app from WooThemes called Tumblr 2 WordPress which helps you move from… erm… Tumblr to WordPress. Mashable have a nice post on their experiences with the app. I think the real secret sauce of the Tumblr community, the community itself and it’s re-blog and bookmarklet features will mean that many will not make the move just yet. Plus WordPress really needs to raise it’s game on that front.

50 Corporate Sites running WordPress

DynamicWP has an impressive list of 50 great looking corporate sites powered by WordPress – definitely check them out.

WPCandy Postcast New Episode

I really wish there were more WordPress podcasts. Kudos to Ryan for getting another episode out the door.


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