WordPress 3.1 Released

So today is the day that WordPress 3.1 is finally officially released. Originally codenamed “Django” earlier today, Matt quickly changed the name to Reinhardt to prevent mass confusion with the Django project (nice catch Matt). This one has been a while coming and what was initially intended to be a minor release has actually turned into a pretty exciting one with lots of goodies for WordPress users. For more on what’s new check out WPCandy’s post from earlier today, the WPBeginner post and also check out the official release post. Post Types, the .com style Admin bar and the Internal Linking feature are killer features that for me will only serve to boost WordPress popularity even more than pre 3.1. For more on Post Types check out Otto’s post from late last year explaining exactly what they are.

I actually had some trouble actually getting the auto-update link in WordPress to appear – it wasn’t there like it normally was/is. A quick google gave me this set of instructions which worked flawlessly.

The overall UI has gotten a refresh aswell which feels a bit more responsive too thanks to the revamp the WordPress team have given the admin markup and CSS. So what are you waiting for? Go update to 3.1!

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