Great new Bug tracking theme from WooThemes – FaultPress

WooThemes have launched a cracking new WordPress theme this week called FaultPress. FaultPress is a highly advanced WordPress theme that transforms WordPress from a publishing platform into a full featured trouble ticketing system. This certainly isn’t a new concept. We’ve seen the Quality Control theme late last year, but what is interesting about FaultPress is the skill and attention to detail in it’s execution.

Some key highlights:

  • HTML5/CSS3 – A lot of work has gone into creating a wonderful looking UI for FaultPress
  • Responsive Web Design – This is a biggy. I’ve played around with FaultPress on both the iPad and iPhone and the responsive design execution is wonderful. We’ve not seen a lot of WordPress themes yet that have tackled responsive web design but hopeful WooThemes have got the ball rolling and we’ll see a lot more of this kind of stuff in 2011.

FaultPress continues the trend of the best theme shops building highly sophisticated WordPress themes that shouldn’t really be called themes at all. These ‘themes’ are more like fully fledged plugins or apps built on top of the WordPress theme framework. WordPress is becoming more and more of a framework for building applications on top of which is really cool and I hope that we see lots more of this in the future.

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