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Siobhan over at WPMU posted the other day about some of her favour plugins and themes of 2010 and included the fantastic Quality Control WordPress theme on her best of post series.

Sadly, according to Siobhan the developer is in the process of passing the theme over to a commercial theme company. The developer, Spencer Finnell used to update his blog on the development of Quality Control, which I would assume he must no longer do. You will also see a link to what looks like the themes new home at http://getqualitycontrol.com/

While the theme has since been removed from the official WordPress theme directory, it is still available in the official WordPress subversion repository and whoever is running getqualitycontrol.com has even included the subversion command to check the theme out on the homepage of qualitycontrol.com

As the theme was released under the GPL license there is nothing stopping anyone from running the following command from their favourite SVN client

$ svn co http://themes.svn.wordpress.org/quality-control/0.1.5/

to get their hands on the Quality Control.

There’s also a newer 0.2 version available at:

$ svn co http://themes.svn.wordpress.org/quality-control/0.2/

As some folks on Siobhan’s post were asking me to email them a copy or give them further instructions I thought I’d help by zipping up the 0.2 release and making available to download from themesforge. So here it is checked out from the official theme repository untouched in all it’s glory!

Download Quality Control 0.2 – 132kb

NOTE: I do not provide support for this WordPress theme. I’m just helping people who can’t check it out from the repository for whatever reason.

I did install the WordPress theme and I have to say it’s extremely impressive. It didn’t take long to setup properly and you’ll find some nice FAQ’s here which should help you set it up correctly.

I don’t know what Spencer had left to do with 0.2 before he considered it ready for production use so please do not use this theme in a production environment unless you take full responsibility for it and know what you’re doing!

I look forward to seeing what happens with this theme in the future.


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  1. [New Post] Quality Control WordPress Theme – http://themesforge.com/theme-news/qualit

  2. Thanks! It’s this the newest version, or just a bit of an older one. Sucks that he’s making it commercial 🙁

    1. Hey Mike, it’s the most recent version I could find in the svn branch. It seems to work well in my tests. Maybe it will be picked up in earnest by someone else seeing as it’s GPL. It definitely has huge potential.

  3. […] which has been removed for download (but you can still get an older gpl version from my post here: http://themesforge.com/theme-news/qu…rdpress-theme/) WordPress Themes News and More – http://www.themesforge.com Using WordPress for eons | Follow me on […]

  4. Hey Thanks you saved me from using tortoise svn kidding.

    PS. I want to create a derivative product from this theme as you mentioned it’s GPL am I legal to create a derivative product and then release it as GPL to WordPress theme directory I’d would love refine this theme as this theme already had huge potential.

    Please guide me on GPL issue I’ll check this blog for 2 3 days regularly so don’t ignore this comment.


    1. Hi Nick,

      I’ve kept a very close eye on the GPL discussions in the WordPress community over the years and my own (non-legal) view is that you are perfectly entitled to create a derivative product from this theme as it was originally released under the GPL originally. I don’t thin Also, as you intend to release your derivative back to the community I think Matt’s frequent discussions on GPL would also support you.

      It would always be worth shooting him an email – he’s very passionate about GPL 🙂 and I’m sure would be happy to guide you further.

      I’m sure if the original developer would like it as the theme is being sold to another commercial theme vendor but I don’t think a product can be un-GPL’d after it’s initial release if that makes sense.


      1. Thanks Ed you made 50% case clear 🙂 Within 1 – 2 month Ed be ready to review WordPress support theme, The theme will be like this http://help.phpfog.com/

        Side Note
        But still my biggest concern actually is how would author respond, because it can effect his deal with commercial company.


        1. Wondering how your development with this has been going. I too have some plans with this theme as well as some other themes. This was just one idea I had towards a collection of wordpress ideas. Depending on your skill and time maybe we can try to coordinate something. Please let me know how your development has come along so far.


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