Featured packed Jigoshop V1.0 released



It looks like the folks over at Jigoshop have not been slacking off in January with today’s announcement that Jigoshop V1.0 is out! Dan the team have clearly been listening to the community and have delivered in spades for V1.0.

Key highlights

  • Complete overhaul of the Products UI – This is a biggie – many WordPress based shop plugins often struggle with the plugin management UI. The best plugins strike a balance of maintaining the consistent design patterns recommended by the WordPress dev team while ensuring the specific use cases for the plugin are as simple as possible to complete. I think the Jigoshop team have done a top notch job on this front.
  • As someone who has not been paying a lot of attention to their blog these past few months because they’ve been knee deep in very complex Magento shipping and tax rules, I’m particularly looking forward to checking out the enhance tax and shipping business logic. (Sidenote for budding ecommerce developers – if you think getting your clients to get their product catalogue organised is the hardest part of an ecommerce product, it’s not. Tax. Shipping. That’s where the real fun is.
I’ve been a real fan of Jigoshop since it’s release last May and it’s fantastic to see so many people have jumped on board since then. I think 2012 will be a fantastic year for WordPress and eCommerce and Jigoshop is right in the middle of the things! Go check it out.


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