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  • Featured packed Jigoshop V1.0 released



    It looks like the folks over at Jigoshop have not been slacking off in January with today’s announcement that Jigoshop V1.0 is out! Dan the team have clearly been listening to the community and have delivered in spades for V1.0. Key highlights Complete overhaul of the Products UI – This is a biggie – many…

  • Hello WooCommerce, Bye bye Jigoshop?

    Hmm…this is an interesting one.  WooThemes have pulled off a pretty spectacular move today and forked Jigoshop (our favourite new WordPress eCommerce plugin) into WooCommerce, which will replace it’s heretofore unsuccessful attempts at creating a WooCommerce platform off their own bat. The possibly bigger news is not only have they forked Jigoshop but they’ve brought in the…