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In like a lion

28 March 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: commercial themes, theme news

There’s an old weather expression about March
In like a lion….out like a lamb
Well whatever about the weather, from a workload perspective March definitely came in like a lion and it’s pretty much going out like a lion too! The good news is that the cloning project is going well and I should have three of myself to pick up the slack any day now 🙂 There’s lot bubbling underneath the surface at themesforge these days – much to the detriment of the blog unfortunately. Early in the month I finally got Part 5 of the High Performance WordPress series which brought that series to a conclusion but the rest of the month has been a bit …

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Rooling: a new Commercial WordPress theme for law firms

10 October 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: commercial themes, featured, theme news

So this one has been a while coming. Today I shipped Rooling – a new commercial WordPress theme designed specifically for lawyers, law firms, attorneys, Lionel Hutz wannabes – you get the idea. I’ve spent the past few months building a pretty decent framework for my own custom WordPress themes. Nothing groundbreaking really, just pulling together lots of little code snippets from around the WordPress ecosystem. I’ve got it to a point that I’m very happy with the mechanics of how I put together themes and ensuring the code quality is on a par with the most well known theme shops out there. I intend following up with some further posts in the coming days …

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WooCommerce launched by WooThemes

27 September 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: plugins, theme news

Wow a whole month with no posts! Sorry about that folks – you might think this means I’ve been hiding under a rock and not keeping up with whats going on with WordPress these days. Far from it – I’m still knee deep trying to ship a new WordPress theme which is taking forever with other customer commitments so blogging time has been the poor cousin of the family for a few weeks – all that should change real soon.
In the meantime WooThemes dropped a major announcement today which is worthy of a quick post. WooCommerce has just been released. Make no mistake – this is a big big day for WooThemes. The full release details can …

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Hello WooCommerce, Bye bye Jigoshop?

25 August 2011 comment icon17 | Categories: opinion, plugins, theme news

Hmm…this is an interesting one.  WooThemes have pulled off a pretty spectacular move today and forked Jigoshop (our favourite new WordPress eCommerce plugin) into WooCommerce, which will replace it’s heretofore unsuccessful attempts at creating a WooCommerce platform off their own bat. The possibly bigger news is not only have they forked Jigoshop but they’ve brought in the 2 main guys responsible for making it in the first place – Jay Koster & Mike Jolley from Jigowatt. This move by WooThemes raises all sorts of emotions.
Has this move effectively killed Jigoshop?
I’m sure Jigowatt will not be too pleased. In one swoop, WooThemes have forked their project and nabbed the 2 guys responsible for most of the work that …

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Theme News Roundup – June 19

19 June 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

It’s been a while since I did a theme news roundup. Without further ado, here goes:
Responsive WordPress
Continuing our obsession with all things Responsive – WPMU has a nice showcase of Responsive WordPress sites and also has a list of free Responsive WordPress themes. Siobhan from WPMU also appears to share my obsession for Responsive web design as I just noticed another post from this week over on WPMU on how to optimise your WordPress site for the iPad.
Go check ’em out people – this is the future.
New WordPress Podcast
Studionashvegas has started an interesting new WordPress Podcast/Drivecast which features Mitch delivering the podcast on his daily commute – nice idea Mitch and I’m listening to the …

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High Performance WordPress – Part 1

18 June 2011 comment icon18 | Categories: performance, theme news

Picture the scene. You’ve spent weeks and months working on your WordPress blog, carefully crafting some great blog posts about a subject that’s close to your heart. You’ve found or built a great WordPress theme that does a great job showcasing your content to the world. You’ve checked out countless Top 10 lists telling you about all the best plugins to use to make your blog the best blog it can be. You’re ready to take on the world. You slowly build a bit of a following to your site – building traffic day by day. A small trickle at first, maybe just a handful of visitors and not a single comment. But all the …

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Classy new free HTML5 WordPress theme from Smashing Magazine

08 June 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

Every now and again Smashing Magazine release a free WordPress theme. Normally with free WordPress themes, I approach them with limited expectations. After all the theme is free – there’s got to be limitations right? Surely it can’t be on a par with the level of quality we expect from commercial theme shops? Well, not so with Smashing Mag themes. Time and time again they hire some of the best theme developers to produce fantastic quality WordPress themes that meet and often surpass the quality of that which are sold commercially.
Today’s new release is no exception. In fact it’s got me quite excited. Yoko is a free WordPress theme produced by Elma and Manuel from …

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New free WordPress eCommerce plugin JigoShop released – jaw drops

31 May 2011 comment icon19 | Categories: featured, theme news

Jigoshop from Jay Koster and the rest of the Jigowatt team shipped it’s first public beta today. Jigoshop is a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress. As someone who has played with just about every eCommerce plugin for WordPress, and who does a lot of work with other eCommerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart and Prestashop, I couldn’t wait to take Jigoshop for a spin. WordPress eCommerce plugins to date have always come up short in key areas like UI design, core Admin UI integration and at best were just ok – and a worst a maddening heap of crap.
I’ve just spent the last hour playing with Jigoshop.
Well let me tell you boys and girls – eCommerce …

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Roots HTML 5 WordPress Theme – First Look

30 May 2011 comment icon3 | Categories: theme news

So I’ve been dabbling in a bit of HTML5 of late and have been reviewing how things have progressed in the WordPress development community with HTML5 themes in the past few months. Previously we looked at the Toolbox theme and the reasons why you should start using HTML5 in your theme development.
There’s a few very interesting HTML5 themes starting to pop up for WordPress and we particularly like themes based on the HTML5 Boilerplate project, including:

BoilerPlate by Aaron T. Grogg
NakedCompass by Andre Deutmeyer (based on Starkers and the Compass CSS frameworks and also has a slightly modified version of the very nifty Boilerplate build script)
WP-theme-html5-boilerplate by Jeffrey Sambells (see related blog post here)

But the one …

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Say hello to

10 May 2011 comment icon1 | Categories: theme news

I was delighted to hear today that Jason Schuller (of Press75, themegarden) is in the process of launching – a new site for all things WordPress theme related including tutorials, articles & videos. Jason has gathered a crack team of contributors for including Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Mike McAlister, Orman Clark to name but a few. This is a really strong team of people coming together to share what will no doubt be incredibly interesting insights into their experiences in building cool stuff for WordPress. In fact, they’re straight of the gates with a great post from Sawyer Hollenshead about lessons learned in getting involved in the commercial theme building business. Some great advice in …

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