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I was delighted to hear today that Jason Schuller (of Press75, themegarden) is in the process of launching – a new site for all things WordPress theme related including tutorials, articles & videos. Jason has gathered a crack team of contributors for including Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Mike McAlister, Orman Clark to name but a few. This is a really strong team of people coming together to share what will no doubt be incredibly interesting insights into their experiences in building cool stuff for WordPress. In fact, they’re straight of the gates with a great post from Sawyer Hollenshead about lessons learned in getting involved in the commercial theme building business. Some great advice in that post from Sawyer for those looking to get started developing WordPress themes.

I wish the very best of luck and am sure it will be a rip roaring success given all those involved.

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  1. I’m a newcomer in WordPress Premium theme market and I’m planning set up a small company to selling my commercial themes, however,many many friend say that this market is Extremely saturated, so is there still have more chance in this field?

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