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Sneak peek at the new Theme Previewer Feature in the upcoming WordPress 3.4 Release

28 March 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: development

So it’s been a while since I checked out the bleeding edge dev trunk for WordPress. I spotted todays Dev Chat blog post from Jane Wells and I managed to find a few spare minutes this evening and pulled down the latest nightly build (3.4-alpha-20291 as of writing). One feature immediately jumped out of me and thought it would be of interest to you all.
The new WordPress Theme Previewer/Customizer
This is big big news for WordPress users and Theme Developers alike. I predict this will completely change how WordPress users go about customizing their themes and it will also have a big impact on what features theme developers implement in the very near future. It’s now …

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Empowering journalists with WordPress

28 March 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: tutorials

Great write up from Ryan on how journalists can leverage WordPress.
One of my pet peeves — major, major pet peeves — is when sites break up articles into multiple pages. You’ve probably seen it before: two or three thousand words, spread out so that around 800 words or so occupy each page. I’m sorry if you do that, but that practicemakes me hate you.
Me too Ryan. Me too.

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In like a lion

28 March 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: commercial themes, theme news

There’s an old weather expression about March
In like a lion….out like a lamb
Well whatever about the weather, from a workload perspective March definitely came in like a lion and it’s pretty much going out like a lion too! The good news is that the cloning project is going well and I should have three of myself to pick up the slack any day now 🙂 There’s lot bubbling underneath the surface at themesforge these days – much to the detriment of the blog unfortunately. Early in the month I finally got Part 5 of the High Performance WordPress series which brought that series to a conclusion but the rest of the month has been a bit …

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High Performance WordPress – Part 5 – Varnish Cache

03 March 2012 comment icon16 | Categories: performance, wordpress

Boom! At long last the eagerly awaited Part 5 of our High Performance WordPress series sees the light of day!
For those who have not been following along, a quick primer on the other parts in the series:

Part 1 – VPS Setup
Part 2 – nginx/mysql setup
Part 3 – WordPress setup & tuning on nginx
Part 4 – APC Opcode Cache install and configuration

First off  I must apologise to those who have been waiting a couple of months for Part 5 to be published. I’ve been exceptionally busy these past few months building themes and only got around to finishing this part in the past 2 weeks. Better late than never I hope!
I’ve also spent the past week …

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