Breaking: Matt Cutts is considering dropping Thesis

As WordPress and Thesis continue to wage war over the past week, I’ve just been tuned into the WordPress Podcast where Matt Cutts is online with Yoast and Frederick having a broad discussion about Matt’s experience with WordPress and as usual Matt is full of interesting stories and facts about not only SEO but also his and Google’s experiences with WordPress.

As I type, the show is still going – tune in on Webmaster Radio and I’m sure it will pop up in their main iTunes feed in the next few days.

The conversation inevitable turned to the GPL war of words and Matt did hint that he is considering switching away from Thesis and perhaps back to a WordPress 3.0 compliant theme.

His reasons weren’t directly related to the GPL battle itself and more about how the WordPress core now supports many things he would have used a more advanced theme like Thesis for before 3.0.

Nevertheless, to see another high profile blog switch away from Thesis would no doubt be another blow for Thesis support across the WordPress community.


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