WooCommerce Payment Gateway for Realex Payments released



So the last couple of weeks of May and the start of June have been really hectic and my posting schedule here has suffered big time as a result. Today I’m delighted to announce the release of my first payment gateway for WooCommerce. Realex Payments is a leading European online payment gateway. It’s really well established in Ireland for merchants who don’t want to use an intermediary like Paypal. It’s also increasingly popular in the UK with customers like Vodafone, Virgin Atlantic and Aer Lingus (Irelands flag carrier airline). I’ve been putting this WooCommerce extension together for a few months now but other commitments prevented me from putting the finishing touches to it so it’s to finally ship it.

Realex provide 2 main protocols for facilitating online payments – RealAuth Remote and RealAuth Redirect. This plugin provides support for both. RealAuth Remote requires an SSL certificate and provides a more seamless experience for users as transactions are sent directly from your website to Realex in the background via a secure XML based API. You don’t need to worry about PCI compliance as credit card details are not actually stored on your server. For those who don’t want to use an SSL certificate, RealAuth Redirect allows your customers to complete their payment directly on Realex’s payment screen (similarly to how Paypal works with WooCommerce et al.)

For those not aware, WooCommerce is the new kid on the WordPress eCommerce block. Originally forked out of the also fantastic Jigoshop plugin, WooCommerce is rapidly gaining popularity and a reputation as one of the best options for quickly setting up an online shop within WordPress. I must also say that it has been a very pleasant experience building an extension for WooCommerce system and the developer ecosystem around the plugin is rapidly growing. Stay tuned for more plugins in the future!

Plugin Features

  • RealAuth Remote Support (SSL Certificate and Curl are required – oh and a Realex account of course!)
  • RealAuth Redirect Support.
  • Detailed transaction logging within WooCommerce.
  • Over 10 years experience in building Realex integrations have gone into the design of the plugin.
  • Support for Realex Sub accounts.
  • 5 minute install process – plug and play baby!
  • Free lifetime upgrades.
  • Free lifetime support.

Special Launch Offer

Seeing as it’s summer and we all like a good offer, the plugin is being launched at the special low low price of €29.99 (normal price €39.99 which is still a bargain if you ask me! – custom Realex integrations can quite often cost hundreds if not thousands of euros!). What’s more we’ll provide 1 hours free installation assistance if you would like someone to assist you with getting up and running.

You can purchase the plugin for instant download from our new Shop (running on WooCommerce of course!)


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