WordPress.com starts offering Commercial WordPress Themes

03 February 2011 comment icon1 | Categories: theme news

Well this is certainly big big news for the WordPress theme community!
Automattic announced earlier today that it is to start offering commercial WordPress themes to wordpress.com users. The story has been picked up amongst all the big tech blogs.
Matt has also posted the back story to the new commercial Marketplace over on themeshaper.
We had suspected early in January that Automattic would be making a big splash in 2011 in the theme community over on the wpcandy.com Future of WordPress themes post and Matt has hinted before that something like this would arrive some day and now it’s here.
For the moment it looks like this is very much a live experiment and I’m sure it won’t …

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Theme Tip 24 – Our WordPress Theme 2010 Review

06 January 2011 comment icon1 | Categories: 24ways

Well looky here we’ve hit our 24th Theme Tip of December just in time for Christmas!
(UPDATE: Ok yes, it’s now the 6th of January 2011 and for some bloody reason this post never made it live on Christmas but we’re gonna still pretend it’s Christmas ok!)
It’s been a bit of a roller coaster year for WordPress in 2010. Lots of things happened in the WordPress community in general. We got WordPress 3.0 which has been a sensation for me. We got a boatload of theme frameworks maturing to a point where I see this as being the real future of WordPress theme development. We had our very own mexican standoff between Matt and Chris about …

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Theme Tip 21 – WordPress is more than just for blogs

21 December 2010 comment icon1 | Categories: 24ways

A really common misconception that exists today amongst the general populus is that WordPress is a really cool publishing platform for blogs – and no more than that.
Those of us who build websites for a living using WordPress know that this is far from the truth and that WordPress has matured into a really powerful Content Management System in it’s own right. But those who love and work with other ‘pure’ LAMP open source CMS systems such as Drupal, Joomla, modx and Expression Engine seem to have this notion that WordPress is inferior for general website content management.
Well let me tell you that this is a big fat myth and could not be further from …

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Great new wordpress theme – Portfolio

03 August 2010 comment icon1 | Categories: theme news

So I was having a few brews over in the WordPress Tavern earlier today when I stumbled across a new wordpress theme called Portfolio.
The full details of the theme can be found on the main Portfolio Theme details page.
After taking Portfolio Theme for a quick spin in the themesforge labs I must say I’m impressed.
Devin from wptheming.com has put together a really solid WordPress theme that utilises the new WordPress 3.0+ custom post types functionality to create a slick Portfolio manager that incorporates a featured image feature.
I could see many different uses for this WordPress theme but I think it will particularly suit any freelance designer or web agency who wishes to create a simple …

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Thesis gets hacked and the coming Thesis Vs. Automattic battle

14 July 2010 comment icon6 | Categories: Legals, theme news, wordpress

So diythemes.com – producers of the infamous Thesis WordPress theme got hacked today. Apart from the fact that it’s nasty for anyone to get hacked at any stage, this event inadvertently reignited the WordPress/Automattic vs. Thesis war of words after some follow up tweeting from what I can make out.
The war of words is still very much in progress and you can follow the exchanges over on Twitter.
In a nutshell it would seem that Matt has had enough and is going after Thesis in a big way and even offering to buy alternative GPL compliant premium themes for Thesis users.
It now also looks like this may end up going down the legal route.
In response to …

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A new free HTML5 WordPress Starter Theme

03 July 2010 comment icon3 | Categories: theme news

Something interesting popped up today in the twittersphere with the release by Ian Stewart of a new free HTML5 WordPress theme called Toolbox.
Ian is one of the smart guys in the wordpress community and it must be said that having taken a quick peek under the hood of Toolbox, it really is an excellent start theme for anyone looking to get their hands dirty with HTML5 wordpress themes.
So what’s a starter theme?
A starter theme is not an all singing all dancing full featured wordpress theme with widgets, theme options etc. It’s a stripped down bare bones starting point which is more suited for a developer or designer looking for a rock solid starting point for …

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Obox release new fantastic new wordpress theme – Inkdrop

25 March 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news, wordpress

We’ve been fans of Obox guys for quite some time and today they’ve launched a fantastic new wordpress theme called Inkdrop.
The guys have really put a lot of effort into creating quite a diverse wordpress theme that provides 3 different homepage layouts catering for even the most diverse website requirements, including a great “Unique Inkdrop Layout” which includes a featured posts slider, a standard blog layout and a business layout.
From the Obox blog:
It’s been a while since we have been this excited to launch a new theme. InkDrop is probably our most diverse Premium WordPress theme when it comes to page templates and features.
We have tried to pull out all the stops with this blog/portfolio/business …

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2010 WordPress Theme Buyers Guide – Part 2

07 March 2010 comment icon1 | Categories: best of, theme news, wordpress

Right so now that we’ve covered the different types of wordpress themes there are , we hope you have a clearer idea about which type of theme is right for you. In Part 2 of the 2010 WordPress Theme Buyers Guide we’re now going to take a closer look at why should even consider buying a premium wordpress theme.
Dude, why should I buy a wordpress theme? – there lots of free ones out there already!
Yes there are lots of free wordpress themes out there. Free wordpress themes are one of the key building blocks of the vibrant wordpress community. The fact that you can install wordpress and get your hands on some world class quality …

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2010 WordPress Theme Buyers Guide – Part 1

17 February 2010 comment icon2 | Categories: theme news, tips, wordpress

Ok boys and girls let’s kick things off on Part 1 of our 2010 WordPress Theme Buyers Guide. Today we’re going to explore what we think it the single most important question you must ask yourself when considering buying a wordpress theme:
What type of wordpress theme is right for my site?
You might think the answer to that question is obvious. But think about it for a minute. There are literally thousands (if not tens of thousands) of wordpress themes out there – and they come in all shapes and sizes – from bog standard simple free themes to custom handcrafted high end themes that will can cost a fortune – and then everything else in …

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The 2010 WordPress Themes Buyers Guide – Coming Soon

15 February 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news, tips, wordpress

Ok so this week we are kicking off a series of posts all about what to look for when you want to buy a WordPress Theme. You may have been running your blog for some time now and have made the decision that you need to update your theme to something a bit smarter and snazzier to add a little more professionalism to your blog. You might also have become frustrated by the limitations of your current theme and are now looking to get your hands on a more powerful theme to hepl you take your blog to the next level. It’s only then when you are faced with a very difficult decision – which …

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