Theme Tip 21 – WordPress is more than just for blogs

A really common misconception that exists today amongst the general populus is that WordPress is a really cool publishing platform for blogs – and no more than that.

Those of us who build websites for a living using WordPress know that this is far from the truth and that WordPress has matured into a really powerful Content Management System in it’s own right. But those who love and work with other ‘pure’ LAMP open source CMS systems such as Drupal, Joomla, modx and Expression Engine seem to have this notion that WordPress is inferior for general website content management.

Well let me tell you that this is a big fat myth and could not be further from the truth as we race towards 2011. Ok yes maybe a couple of years back this could have been the case, but just take a look at what some of the big theme providers are doing with WordPress.

If you’re new to WordPress and have been wondering about using WordPress for your website and not just a blog – then wonder no more – you could not go wrong with WordPress as your platform of choice for all your content management needs.

If you’re a theme developer it’s time to up the ante and start creating themes that offer WordPress users much choice and flexibility about how they use WordPress to manage their websites. I think this has been gradually happening the past year or two – just take a look back at  our selection of some of the best free wordpress themes in 2010 or at SaveDelete’s massive list of 50 of the best themes in 2010.

I think it would be an interesting experiment to build a pretty simple brochure website in 3 or 4 of the leading CMS’s and to complete a side by side comparison of the virtues of each system.

Nah don’t bother actually – I know which one would win 🙂

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