WordPress Performance and Permalinks – quick tip

11 July 2011 comment icon7 | Categories: performance

Whoa it’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve posted on the blog. I’m up the walls busy at the moment working on developing some new WordPress themes for clients and our first public theme which should see the light of day before the middle of August. More on that a bit later in the month. We’ve also not forgotten about the High Performance WordPress post series – it’s just having to take a back seat for the moment – I promise to push out a few more on the series before the end of July! Anyway, last week we ran into some major performance problems with a clients WordPress powered website that I had to squeeze …

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Theme Tip 5 – WordPress Themes and SEO tips

05 December 2010 comment icon2 | Categories: 24ways

Don’t believe the hype. Ensuring your WordPress theme is optimised for optimal search engine performance is not that difficult. Today we recommend our WordPress SEO theme tips!

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