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Must read WordPress theme development tips from Carl Hancock

19 May 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: tips

Envato Founder Collis Ta’eed posted an excellent response to that other recent post over on WPCandy.
I think Collis and the Envato team are a really smart bunch and clearly understand the concerns expressed by the theme development community recently with regard to themeforest. What’s more they’re not just listening – they’re acting on it and responding with new initiatives like Envato Elite. I’m waiting for Collis to call any day now to tell me he’ll be flying me down to Melbourne 🙂
In his post, Collis referred to a tweet from Carl Hancock (developer of one of the best WordPress plugins around – Gravity Forms) and how Carl would going to invoice Envato every time he …

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Theme Tip 3 – Don’t lose your head

03 December 2010 comment icon3 | Categories: 24ways, tips

Today we take a closer look at the importance of well defined heading styles in your WordPress theme.

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Announcing 24 Theme Tips – 24 Posts for Advent

30 November 2010 comment icon1 | Categories: tips

So tomorrow is December 1st. If there’s one thing that I’ve looked forward to each December 1st for the past few years it’s been the wonderful 24 Ways. For anyone who doesn’t know what 24 Ways is:
24 ways is the advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.
This year I’ve decided to join in and run our own little equivalent of 24 Ways here on themesforge – 24 Theme Tips. Each day we’ll post a little nugget about WordPress themes that hopefully someone will find useful.
It’s a little bit daunting and a complete rush of …

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2010 WordPress Theme Buyers Guide – Part 1

17 February 2010 comment icon2 | Categories: theme news, tips, wordpress

Ok boys and girls let’s kick things off on Part 1 of our 2010 WordPress Theme Buyers Guide. Today we’re going to explore what we think it the single most important question you must ask yourself when considering buying a wordpress theme:
What type of wordpress theme is right for my site?
You might think the answer to that question is obvious. But think about it for a minute. There are literally thousands (if not tens of thousands) of wordpress themes out there – and they come in all shapes and sizes – from bog standard simple free themes to custom handcrafted high end themes that will can cost a fortune – and then everything else in …

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The 2010 WordPress Themes Buyers Guide – Coming Soon

15 February 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news, tips, wordpress

Ok so this week we are kicking off a series of posts all about what to look for when you want to buy a WordPress Theme. You may have been running your blog for some time now and have made the decision that you need to update your theme to something a bit smarter and snazzier to add a little more professionalism to your blog. You might also have become frustrated by the limitations of your current theme and are now looking to get your hands on a more powerful theme to hepl you take your blog to the next level. It’s only then when you are faced with a very difficult decision – which …

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Easily add post thumbnails using native wordpress functionality in your theme

14 February 2010 comment icon12 | Categories: tips, wordpress

We’ve been busy sprucing up our new wordpress theme for the relaunch of and finally got around to adding thumbnails functionality to our postss. Now I know there are many many different ways to do this, from dedicated plugins to using custom fields.
Well since WordPress 2.9 this is now an optional feature within wordpress itself which is great news for anyone looking to add this to their wordpress powered website. Hopefully it will mean that in the near future all wordpress themes will support this functionality. We will certainly be pushing for it’s adoption on all wordpress themes we see – and we’ll be keeping an eye out for it!
So what’s the skinny on …

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