Theme Tip 3 – Don’t lose your head

One thing I’ve always found strange is how little time some theme designers seem to spend on their typography when designing and developing WordPress themes (and that includes some of the big guys). I’m not necessarily talking about the overall typography used in the design of the theme. I’m talking about your bog standard body content typography. Heading 1’s, 2’s, etc.

For example:

This is an example Heading 1

And now a Heading 2

Followed closely by Heading 3

Invariable Heading 4 follows

And least we forget Heading 5
What about me Heading 6! I’m a heading too!

Now I’m now typography expert – but at least this theme respects the heirarchy of importance of each heading element. It’s not uncommon to find WordPress themes that have heading 5 styles which render bigger than heading 3 styles etc.

Next time you’re considering using a specific theme, do yourself a favour and install some dummy content first and make sure the theme developer has paid attention to the typographical elements of the theme before you start using it.

It is after all your content which makes your website a success!

p.s. Some other nice dummy content stuff here.

3 thoughts on “Theme Tip 3 – Don’t lose your head”

  1. I would also recommend using the official WordPress Theme Unit Test Data to test Themes. It incorporates all of the major features of WordPress, and is what is used to test Themes submitted for inclusion in the official WordPress Theme Repository.

    (Note: the XML file will be updated very soon, to incorporate WordPress 3.1 Post Formats.)

    1. thanks for the link to the Unit Test Data – completely forgot about that!

      Looking forward to giving Post Formats a spin this weekend 🙂

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