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Announcing 24 Theme Tips – 24 Posts for Advent

30 November 2010 comment icon1 | Categories: tips

So tomorrow is December 1st. If there’s one thing that I’ve looked forward to each December 1st for the past few years it’s been the wonderful 24 Ways. For anyone who doesn’t know what 24 Ways is:
24 ways is the advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.
This year I’ve decided to join in and run our own little equivalent of 24 Ways here on themesforge – 24 Theme Tips. Each day we’ll post a little nugget about WordPress themes that hopefully someone will find useful.
It’s a little bit daunting and a complete rush of …

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Site Showcase: Openview Labs

29 November 2010 comment icon4 | Categories: best of, showcase, theme news

While browsing the WordPress Site Showcase today, I noticed a great new WordPress powered site for OpenView Labs.
What I thought was particularly interesting about this new website is the lovely content dropdown menus.
This design pattern is becoming increasingly popular with big sites like Reuters using these content menu dropdowns.  I’d love to know how they integrated these into WordPress.
They OpenView guys have also done an excellent job on the overall layout, typography and colour palette.
Well done guys and kudos to Kevin Leary for the design.

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What makes a WordPress theme great?

29 November 2010 comment icon1 | Categories: opinion, theme news

Ok so this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Why is it that some themes take off like a rocket and others which on paper look great never hit the big time? I’m not just talking about premium WordPress themes here either. I’m just talking about themes in general.
With so many theme designers churning out themes every day I’m sure they would like to know the “secret sauce” that some theme designers seem to have when it comes to hitting a home run every time.
Of the premium theme designers, it’s clear there are a few designers who have exceptional design skills and resources aplenty at their disposal which is certainly a major …

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Massive list of WordPress theme frameworks

28 November 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

Ryan of WPCandy has put together a massive list of WordPress theme frameworks. I must this is something we’ve been hoping to look at in more detail.
It’s a bloody good list and one that I can think we’ll definitely be digging into a little deeper in the near future. I’ve been doing a lot of work with Genesis recently and am getting a good feel for it’s strengths and weaknesses. I’d love to see a WordPress Theme Framework matrix comparing frameworks in detail.
Perhaps I’ve just given myself another weekend project 🙂

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ThemeWarrior release new WordPress theme Picture Box

05 November 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

new kid on the block ThemeWarrior today released their new Premium WordPress Theme Picture Box.
Yogi dropped us a line today to tell us about Picture Box and we have been impressed with the features and design of this new WordPress theme.
With Photography exploding online, Picture Box will suit any budding photographer who wants to showcase their photos via their own hosted WordPress site.
What’s interesting about Picture Box is that it showcases the power of the default WordPress media gallery rather than relying on other third party gallery plugins.
The theme is available on Standard Package (USD29) and Developer Package (USD49).
Go check it out on

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10 Massive Sites powered by WordPress in 2010

02 November 2010 comment icon10 | Categories: about, wordpress

It never ceases to amaze me how often people question whether WordPress is powerful enough to power their website. People marvel at it’s feature set but some still think it’s a dainty little blogging tool that is meant for small-fry blogs and could never be used to power some of the world’s biggest websites.
Those closer to WordPress know that’s horse manure. WordPress has been powering some of the world’s largest websites for some time now. I’ve been digging through the WordPress Showcase and extracted some of the really big websites which have switched to WordPress in 2010.
Okay so we’re back to Blogs with this first one – but not one blog – try 1,200+
Alexa Rank: …

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