Theme Tip 7 – Moving from Tumblr to WordPress

As of writing this (23:00 GMT) the venerable Tumblr has been down for nearly 24 hours.

If nothing else, this shows up how valuable your running your website or blog on a self hosted copy of WordPress – rather than on something like Tumblr, Blogger or

Some people love Tumblr because of how easy it makes posting different media formats including good ‘ol text, photos, quotes, links, audio,video etc.

While all that is true, there will be hundreds of thousands of people today questioning if now is the right time to switch away from Tumblr to something they have more control over. Well, all is not lost Tumblr lovers, WordPress 3.1 has some very interesting changes coming in the form of Post Formats.

Post Formats are not to be confused with Custom Post types (more on those later in December.) Post Formats will be baked right into WordPress 3.1. and will deal with different media formats in the same way Tumblr does. Custom Post types on the other hand deal with different content structures (i.e. highly structured data sets like Recipes, Products etc.)

There’s been lots of chatter about this feature recently. If you can’t wait for 3.1 though, Christine Warren has a fantastic post on Mashable detailing how you can make your blog more like Tumblr right now using some nifty little plugins including WooTumblog.

So what are you waiting from Tumblr users? Switch today!

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