Theme Tip 19 – Give back to the community

Ok today’s tip is not so much a technical WordPress theme reference but a life tip! If you’re just getting started with WordPress you’ve no doubt become aware of just how much you can achieve without having to spend a single cent. From tutorials to free themes to support, awesome plugins and countless thousands of hours of hard work which make it possible for you, me and everyone else to take advantage of the most powerful publishing platform on the planet to do whatever we want with it – with no strings attached.

What makes WordPress stand out from everything else is not just the software itself – far from it. Don’t get me wrong – the platform is fantastic. But the platform itself is not enough. It’s the community. It’s the generosity of the thousands who contribute themes, plugins, tutorials, tips, books and their time. Small business owners who once might have paid thousands of dollars for a basic brochure website can now setup their own website if they want to for nothing only their time. We should not take this for granted.

So here’s a New Years resolution proposal for you – if you’ve never given anything back to the WordPress community, why not make 2011 the year you change that. Make a theme, build a plugin, write a tutorial or even just share your experience and help support others just getting started.

I’ve used countless publishing systems and CMS/blog software over the past decade so take it from me – there’s nothing quite like WordPress. We really are very lucky to have it.

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