Theme Tip 16 – Testing WordPress Themes

So you’ve spent weeks and maybe months building your first WordPress theme and after lots of blood, sweat and tears and some coding you’re ready to unleash your spiffy new theme to the community?  – well done!

Now you have of course completed extensive browser testing, markup/css validation etc. but have you reviewed the WordPress theme review guidelines? No? Well you better start now! In fact, if you’ve not looked at the guidelines before you better go check out the WordPress Theme Checklist too.

It’s also important to note the theme review guidelines have been the subject of some debate recently, Chip Bennet really knows his stuff when it comes to quality standards with WordPress themes and does a great job at pulling together the recent debates on the guidelines.

Regardless of what one might think of the guideliness and processes for WordPress themes, as a budding theme developer it’s really important to get to know these inside and out if you wish to contribute your hard to the community in the right way.

2 thoughts on “Theme Tip 16 – Testing WordPress Themes”

  1. I use Lubith in order to customize my WordPress theme, and as I make changes it allows me to test the theme directly in the browser. It’s a very dynamic theme generator and I never had to use any additional plugins in order to test the compatibility.

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