Theme Tip 1 – Where to find the best WordPress themes

WordPress themes are everywhere. Everyone and their mother is making WordPress themes nowadays. Great say I. The diversity of selection of themes is nuts. You can find a free or premium theme for pretty much any kind of business, niche or website style out there.

This is a pretty simple list of some of the best places to find WordPress themes:



  • ThemeForest – huge huge selection – some excellent themes here – I think they are all GPL now too
  • Mojo Themes – nice alternative to ThemeForest – haven’t used it yet but some very nice looking themes and have heard good things about Mojo themes

These are just a small selection of the bigger sites offering lots of WordPress themes. We’ll be looking at some of these in more detail during December.

See you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Theme Tip 1 – Where to find the best WordPress themes”

    1. Chip,

      Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t aware of that.
      God is everyone at this these days??
      Consider it off the list – thanks for the heads up!


        1. really good idea Chip – let me know if you do put this together and I’ll be sure to post it here too.

          There really should be some opt-in Audit process for theme creators in addition to the theme review guidelines. That way reputable guys could get a quality seal or something.

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