WooThemes release Listings – jaw drops

21 December 2010 comment icon1 | Categories: theme news

WooThemes have just launched an absolutely incredible WordPress theme called Listings.
Quite simply, this is the single most impressive WordPress theme I’ve ever seen.
The WooThemes guys have clearly invested a huge amount of time and effort to create a very special theme.
Actually, calling it a theme is a bit of an understatement.
In my opinion, Listings takes WordPress itself to a whole new level.
Listings exploits more recently added WordPress features like no other theme has done to date; namely Custom Post Types and Taxonomies. I’ve been waiting for one of the big boys of theme development to release something like this and it’s no surprise that it’s WooThemes who have been the first to release a theme …

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5 Must Read Tutorials on WordPress Custom Post Types

25 July 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: development, tutorials, wordpress

So I’m doing some Sunday driving today and taking a closer look at WordPress Custom Post Types and how they can be implemented into WordPress themes in WordPress 3.0.
I must admit, this is pretty powerful stuff and the lines between theme development and plugin development are blurring a lot more now in 3.0 than ever before.
Anyway, those for interested here’s a quick list of 5 Must Read tutorials on WordPress Custom Post Types that will get you up to speed on what you can do with it:

As usual Jason Tadlock has the definitive skinny on the latest and greatest WordPress innovations – go read his Custom Post Types in WordPress
Nice and simple modification of TwentyTen …

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