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Ian Stewart from themeshaper joins Automattic

06 March 2010 comment icon1 | Categories: theme news, wordpress

Ok folks, some great news this week for wordpress fans everywhere. Ian Stewart of themeshaper fame has joined Automattic – the good people who lead the wordpress project.
This is big big news for the wordpress theme community. Ian has been a leader in the community for quite some time and is responsible for the development of thematic, one of the best wordpress theme frameworks around. (Slight segway: learn more about theme frameworks.)
Having played around extensively with thematic, I can safely say Ian is a very talented guy who is undoubtedly going to be a massive contributor to the core wordpress project going forward.
The other excellent piece of news that comes with this announcement is that …

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Fantastic Free wordpress themes list

01 March 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news, wordpress

The guys over at instantshift have just posted a fantastic free wordpress themes list that has to be seen to be believed.
They’ve pulled together the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to free wordpress themes with over 60 themes listed – enough to keep even the pickiest wordpress site owner busy for a while!

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Great new dark free wordpress theme from Smashing Magazine

22 February 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news, wordpress

Smashing magazine appear to be on serious role at the moment with another excellent free dark wordpress theme called DesignPile.
I gotta say the attention to detail in the artwork of this theme is outstanding. It’s very difficult to pull off a really good looking dark design and Site5 nailed it and then some for Smashing Magazine with this one.
Well done guys.

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2010 WordPress Theme Buyers Guide – Part 1

17 February 2010 comment icon2 | Categories: theme news, tips, wordpress

Ok boys and girls let’s kick things off on Part 1 of our 2010 WordPress Theme Buyers Guide. Today we’re going to explore what we think it the single most important question you must ask yourself when considering buying a wordpress theme:
What type of wordpress theme is right for my site?
You might think the answer to that question is obvious. But think about it for a minute. There are literally thousands (if not tens of thousands) of wordpress themes out there – and they come in all shapes and sizes – from bog standard simple free themes to custom handcrafted high end themes that will can cost a fortune – and then everything else in …

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The 2010 WordPress Themes Buyers Guide – Coming Soon

15 February 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news, tips, wordpress

Ok so this week we are kicking off a series of posts all about what to look for when you want to buy a WordPress Theme. You may have been running your blog for some time now and have made the decision that you need to update your theme to something a bit smarter and snazzier to add a little more professionalism to your blog. You might also have become frustrated by the limitations of your current theme and are now looking to get your hands on a more powerful theme to hepl you take your blog to the next level. It’s only then when you are faced with a very difficult decision – which …

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Great new free wordpress theme from Smashing Magazine

07 February 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

The guys over at Smashing Magazine just released a fantastic new free wordpress theme called SimpleFolio.
From the blog post:
Today we are glad to release a beautiful, simple and clean portfolio WordPress theme — SimpleFolio, designed by Omar E. Corrales and released for Smashing Magazine and its readers. SimpleFolio is a portfolio theme that includes a blog and a very extensive option page that allows you to exclude all your portfolio items from the blog page. It also includes a front page slider.
And some insights from the designer:
I created this theme after getting tired of all the fancy design themes that are very popular now a days, this is a design for people that just need …

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