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WP App Store and Baby Stuff

15 May 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

2 pretty cool new things popped up on the wires today that I just had to share with you guys.
The first is an uber cool post from WordPress lead dev Mark Jaquith about his clever little new site –
Mark is no stranger to publishing some fantastic tutorials on bleeding edge WordPress development best practices and this write up is full of awesome innovative approaches to building WordPress websites. If you want to see further evidence of the future of theme development go check out Mark’s blog post immediately and study it carefully – that’s the future right there folks.
Second up today is the launch of the WP App Store. This is big one that …

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The future of theme development

14 May 2012 comment icon4 | Categories: opinion

WordPress theme development has come a long way in the past few years. We are in the middle of an explosion in the number of different methods a theme developer can choose when it comes to building WordPress themes. This explosion is partly a result of a seismic shift in the broader web design and development community. Just about every single aspect of how we as a community build frontend code is changing – and in multiple directions with different options.
Let’s take a quick look at some of these.
HTML5 is a lot more than just an increment on the bedrock markup standard that the modern web is built upon. Heck, it’s single handedly killing flash. …

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Top Themeforest authors estimated to gross over $700,000 per month

10 May 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

So it would seem the Themeforest juggernaut continues to grow from strength to strength. First off a disclaimer – I’m not a financial analyst, nor do I work for themeforest or envato. These calculations are my own estimates based on the information made freely available on themeforest. I’m merely a very interested and curious WordPress junkie who likes looking at these kind of things from time to time. Note I’ve also not deducted or split out numbers to account for themeforest author revenue splits which while could be projected I do not wish to shine a light on specific author net earnings – I’m interested in the macro view of the themeforest world.
If anyone from …

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themezilla goes live

08 May 2012 comment icon2 | Categories: theme news

This is a big one. After teasing us for a couple of weeks, themezilla has finally gone live. For those of you not familiar with themezilla, there is a good chance that if you’ve purchased a commercial WordPress theme from themeforest in the past couple of years – you actually are. themezilla is the brainchild of none other than Orman Clark – one of the most successful themeforest authors of all time.
To celebrate the launch, themezilla has 2 new themes, Volumes which is a commercial theme aimed at digital agencies (one of Orman’s more popular theme categories in the past) and the appropriately named Launch which is a fantastic free tumblog style theme.
Big congrats to …

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Highly infrequent links of the day – May 2

02 May 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

The WordPress newswires are buzzing with lots of interesting things today.
New Theme shop Themefurnace Launches 
Oli from WPLift has taken the wrappers off Themefurnace. Between the ‘Furnace and ‘Forge, I think Oli and I have all the fire driven analogies covered in the WordPress community 🙂 Oli has written a great post about the first 24 hours of the launch. It’s a great read for anyone thinking about getting into the WordPress Theme business.
New Pay what want ThemeThrift site launches
The “Pay what you want” business model has been popping up more and more in recent years in the music industry and to a lesser extent the restaurant business. While it’s an interesting business model I’ve always …

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