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Run your own stackoverflow clone with WordPress plugin

26 April 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: plugins

When stackoverflow launched a few years ago I instantly fell in love with it. Seemingly everyone else did too and it has now become the defacto place for developers to go to get answers to some of the most obscure problems and challenges we all face on a daily basis. I’ve yet to come across a problem that I couldn’t get some really useful help from some of the smartest people on the planet over there.
Ever wanted to run a stackoverflow type of website for yourself? Well now you can. WPMU just launched their new Q&A plugin called Q&A (funnily enough!) The plugin costs $99 but believe me – this is a minute fraction of …

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Genesis Framework V1.6 Released

26 April 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

We’ve not posted a lot this month while we play around with some exciting new developments here at themesforge (more on that later this week) but we’ve popped up for air to let you know that Genesis 1.6 has officially been released. We’re big fans of the Genesis WordPress theme framework and it’s our framework of choice for WordPress themes these days.
Genesis 1.6 brings with it some nice new features:

Much easier Footer widget implementation – for ages we’ve been doing this the longer way via functions.php – now it’s down to 1 line of code which is super news
Custom Header Image – this is an interesting one. It will make child theme customisation much easier …

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The importance of testing themes

04 April 2011 comment icon4 | Categories: development

Today I read one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a long time about What’s Wrong with commercial WordPress themes by Martin Vlachynsky Vicenik (sorry Martin for getting your name wrong!) over on the Foliovision blog. Martin delves deep into the bowels of some of the most popular commercial WordPress themes to reveal how poorly optimised queries in some of the themes Foliovision have used have ended up having a huge performance cost in the form of overly expensive DB queries. Martin also does an excellent job of providing lots of information about how to test your themes performance and some excellent tools and plugins to help with the process. WooThemes and Elegantthemes are just …

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