Roots HTML 5 WordPress Theme – First Look

30 May 2011 comment icon3 | Categories: theme news

So I’ve been dabbling in a bit of HTML5 of late and have been reviewing how things have progressed in the WordPress development community with HTML5 themes in the past few months. Previously we looked at the Toolbox theme and the reasons why you should start using HTML5 in your theme development.
There’s a few very interesting HTML5 themes starting to pop up for WordPress and we particularly like themes based on the HTML5 Boilerplate project, including:

BoilerPlate by Aaron T. Grogg
NakedCompass by Andre Deutmeyer (based on Starkers and the Compass CSS frameworks and also has a slightly modified version of the very nifty Boilerplate build script)
WP-theme-html5-boilerplate by Jeffrey Sambells (see related blog post here)

But the one …

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