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High Performance WordPress – Part 5 – Varnish Cache

03 March 2012 comment icon16 | Categories: performance, wordpress

Boom! At long last the eagerly awaited Part 5 of our High Performance WordPress series sees the light of day!
For those who have not been following along, a quick primer on the other parts in the series:

Part 1 – VPS Setup
Part 2 – nginx/mysql setup
Part 3 – WordPress setup & tuning on nginx
Part 4 – APC Opcode Cache install and configuration

First off  I must apologise to those who have been waiting a couple of months for Part 5 to be published. I’ve been exceptionally busy these past few months building themes and only got around to finishing this part in the past 2 weeks. Better late than never I hope!
I’ve also spent the past week …

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WordPress 3.1 Released

23 February 2011 comment icon1 | Categories: wordpress

So today is the day that WordPress 3.1 is finally officially released. Originally codenamed “Django” earlier today, Matt quickly changed the name to Reinhardt to prevent mass confusion with the Django project (nice catch Matt). This one has been a while coming and what was initially intended to be a minor release has actually turned into a pretty exciting one with lots of goodies for WordPress users. For more on what’s new check out WPCandy’s post from earlier today, the WPBeginner post and also check out the official release post. Post Types, the .com style Admin bar and the Internal Linking feature are killer features that for me will only serve to boost WordPress popularity …

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10 Massive Sites powered by WordPress in 2010

02 November 2010 comment icon10 | Categories: about, wordpress

It never ceases to amaze me how often people question whether WordPress is powerful enough to power their website. People marvel at it’s feature set but some still think it’s a dainty little blogging tool that is meant for small-fry blogs and could never be used to power some of the world’s biggest websites.
Those closer to WordPress know that’s horse manure. WordPress has been powering some of the world’s largest websites for some time now. I’ve been digging through the WordPress Showcase and extracted some of the really big websites which have switched to WordPress in 2010.
Okay so we’re back to Blogs with this first one – but not one blog – try 1,200+
Alexa Rank: …

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The case for an official new WordPress Theme Framework

19 October 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news, wordpress

Ok so I’ve not been posting a lot the past month (slaps self on wrist) due to being snowed under with a LOT of client work at the moment which is both good and bad!
Anyway – I’m taking breather this evening and had to post on something which has kept popping up in my mind over the past month. Is it time for WordPress to develop an official Theme Framework as part of the WordPress core?
Now I know, I know, before you say it – most WordPress frameworks are just essentially very well developed parent themes with extensive option panels, plugins and widgets and lots of nice hooks for child themes. If anything, the concept …

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Featured Theme Maker

11 September 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: best of, theme news, wordpress

This week we kick off a new series on themesforge where each week we’ll be featuring a WordPress Theme Maker.
Fancy being featured on themesforge as our Theme Maker of Week? Well if so, it’s real simple – drop us a line and tell us why we should feature you and we’ll put you into our consideration pot*
All theme makers will need to be fans of the GPL license and release their work under the GPL license. (NOTE: Premium themes are allowed too just as long as they are also GPL.)
We hope to showcase the best and brightest theme makers (not just their themes) over the next weeks.
So, what are you waiting for?

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Carrington Build WordPress Page Layouts – this is big

03 August 2010 comment icon3 | Categories: theme news, wordpress

I spotted a tweet from Andrew Nacin this evening mentioning a new project from Alex King which has just gone live called Carringon Build.
This project is huge news for WordPress developers, website owners and theme designers.
In a nutshell Carrington Build is a full featured drag and drop layout control system that hooks directly into WordPress. But describing it like that is like describing a Porche as being a fast car – it just doesn’t do it justice.
This thing is definitely one of the more exciting WordPress innovations I’ve seen in recent times.
My only concern at the moment is the whopping $499 price tag that it currently comes with.
[UPDATE: Alex has clarified in the comments below …

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5 Must Read Tutorials on WordPress Custom Post Types

25 July 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: development, tutorials, wordpress

So I’m doing some Sunday driving today and taking a closer look at WordPress Custom Post Types and how they can be implemented into WordPress themes in WordPress 3.0.
I must admit, this is pretty powerful stuff and the lines between theme development and plugin development are blurring a lot more now in 3.0 than ever before.
Anyway, those for interested here’s a quick list of 5 Must Read tutorials on WordPress Custom Post Types that will get you up to speed on what you can do with it:

As usual Jason Tadlock has the definitive skinny on the latest and greatest WordPress innovations – go read his Custom Post Types in WordPress
Nice and simple modification of TwentyTen …

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Breaking: Matt Cutts is considering dropping Thesis

20 July 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: thesis, wordpress

As WordPress and Thesis continue to wage war over the past week, I’ve just been tuned into the WordPress Podcast where Matt Cutts is online with Yoast and Frederick having a broad discussion about Matt’s experience with WordPress and as usual Matt is full of interesting stories and facts about not only SEO but also his and Google’s experiences with WordPress.
As I type, the show is still going – tune in on Webmaster Radio and I’m sure it will pop up in their main iTunes feed in the next few days.
The conversation inevitable turned to the GPL war of words and Matt did hint that he is considering switching away from Thesis and perhaps back …

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Thesis gets hacked and the coming Thesis Vs. Automattic battle

14 July 2010 comment icon6 | Categories: Legals, theme news, wordpress

So – producers of the infamous Thesis WordPress theme got hacked today. Apart from the fact that it’s nasty for anyone to get hacked at any stage, this event inadvertently reignited the WordPress/Automattic vs. Thesis war of words after some follow up tweeting from what I can make out.
The war of words is still very much in progress and you can follow the exchanges over on Twitter.
In a nutshell it would seem that Matt has had enough and is going after Thesis in a big way and even offering to buy alternative GPL compliant premium themes for Thesis users.
It now also looks like this may end up going down the legal route.
In response to …

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Making WordPress better

05 July 2010 comment icon0 | Categories: opinion, wordpress

Probably the last thing that the WordPress dev team want to think about now is new feature requests for future versions of WordPress. In fact, the team have already stated that they’ll be taking a break from feature development for a few months which is cool and gives us all time to get to grips with 3.0 and stretch it, bend it and break it (hopefully not breaking it too much!)
Well in the meantime, I’m throwing down my 2 cents about things I think can be further improved in future wordpress branches and releases. I’ve been using wordpress for many years but recently I’ve been really stretching it for a number of clients who would …

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