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Great new Bug tracking theme from WooThemes – FaultPress

07 May 2011 comment icon2 | Categories: theme news

WooThemes have launched a cracking new WordPress theme this week called FaultPress. FaultPress is a highly advanced WordPress theme that transforms WordPress from a publishing platform into a full featured trouble ticketing system. This certainly isn’t a new concept. We’ve seen the Quality Control theme late last year, but what is interesting about FaultPress is the skill and attention to detail in it’s execution.
Some key highlights:

HTML5/CSS3 – A lot of work has gone into creating a wonderful looking UI for FaultPress
Responsive Web Design – This is a biggy. I’ve played around with FaultPress on both the iPad and iPhone and the responsive design execution is wonderful. We’ve not seen a lot of WordPress themes yet …

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New WordPress Theme Twenty Eleven – First Look

05 May 2011 comment icon15 | Categories: theme news

So it looks like the Theme Wranglers over at Automattic are getting close to completing the first version of the new Twenty Eleven WordPress theme which is based on the excellent Duster theme created by Automattic and recently released in the theme repository in April.
The team are working hard to ship V1.0 of Twenty Eleven with the next version of WordPress, 3.2.
I was up for a bit of semi productive procrastination this evening so I checked out the latest development version of WordPress from the trunk and took Twenty Eleven for a spin.
Here’s the initial scoop.
Twenty Eleven Unboxing
The first thing I noticed after firing up Twenty Eleven and dropping in a couple of hundred blog …

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Genesis Framework powers over 200,000 websites

04 May 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

In amongst the comments in the Hypercritical Analysis of WordPress themes post over on WPCandy came an interesting stat from Brian Gardner of StudioPress.
Rough numbers indicate that a 1/4 million sites are running Genesis. I’d say that’s a stable environment to build for.
That’s a huge number in my opinion – especially as the framework has not been around as long as some of it’s competitors. We’ve made no secret of our love for the Genesis framework and it would seem that we’re not alone by those numbers 🙂
Go check it out today.

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An Analysis of WordPress theme pricing

04 May 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

Some great stuff from WPCandy this week that has prompted us to publish a highly irregular post 🙂
First of all go read the excellent Hypercritical Analysis of $35 WordPress themes.
Theme developer Mike McAlister takes us through his thoughts on why he think commercial WordPress themes are priced too low.
Mike makes the very interesting and valid point that while themes have advanced significantly over the past few years that prices have largely remained static and are not a fair reflection of the value provided by some commercial themes.
As someone who builds WordPress themes for a living I can sympathise with Mike and know exactly where he is coming from. While I build WordPress themes for a living …

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Genesis Framework V1.6 Released

26 April 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

We’ve not posted a lot this month while we play around with some exciting new developments here at themesforge (more on that later this week) but we’ve popped up for air to let you know that Genesis 1.6 has officially been released. We’re big fans of the Genesis WordPress theme framework and it’s our framework of choice for WordPress themes these days.
Genesis 1.6 brings with it some nice new features:

Much easier Footer widget implementation – for ages we’ve been doing this the longer way via functions.php – now it’s down to 1 line of code which is super news
Custom Header Image – this is an interesting one. It will make child theme customisation much easier …

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Theme news roundup 7 March

07 March 2011 comment icon1 | Categories: theme news

So it’s been a busy week here at themesforge towers so we’ve been trawling through the feeds and catching up in the goings in WordPress land over the past week and cherry picked our highlights from the fast moving WordPress themes world.
Groupon WordPress plugin released.
While this is not a theme story it certainly spiked our interest. WPMU reports on the release of a free plugin developed by Groupon to allow WordPress users to integrate with the Groupon affiliate system. I think this will be really useful to anyone using WordPress to run deal driven websites. I guess it’s now time for a Groupon theme clone (if it doesn’t already exist!)
StudioPress launch Pretty Young Thing on …

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Theme News Roundup 27 February

27 February 2011 comment icon1 | Categories: theme news

WordPress 3.1 hits the streets
It was a big week this week in WordPress land with the launch of WordPress 3.1 – read our coverage.
Let the exodus from Tumblr to WordPress begin
Ok this might be a bit premature. Tumblr ain’t going anywhere in the near future. But given it’s recent constant problems with downtime I can see more and more people making the switch in the near future. Well this week, that process got a whole lot easier due to the formal release of Post Templates in 3.1 and really nifty app from WooThemes called Tumblr 2 WordPress which helps you move from… erm… Tumblr to WordPress. Mashable have a nice post on their experiences with …

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New theme shop BioThemes opens

23 February 2011 comment icon2 | Categories: theme news

Hot on the heels of the WordPress 3.1 release today comes a new theme shop from none other than John O’Nolan (member of the core WordPress UI team) and all round WordPress genius (have you seen the WordPress 3.1 admin area – it’s all nice and shiney and much cleaner under the hood thanks to John and the team). Anyway, John along with Gilbert Pellegrom recently took the wraps off BioThemes and announced their beta launch.
If we need further evidence of the continuing evolution of WordPress theme development from being basic aesthetic skins to much more sophisticated “applications”, John provides it in spades in the announcement post.
We’re a premium WordPress theme company focused on innovation …

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Theme Newsround

19 February 2011 comment icon1 | Categories: theme news

Kicking off a new weekly feature on themesforge is our weekly Newsround of what’s happening in the WordPress theme community. Oh and we’ll also throw in some links to stuff we’ve come across during the week that might have happened weeks and months ago but that we think you will be interested in!
So without further ado.
Genesis 1.5 Released
A new version of Genesis hit the streets last week and of particular interest is the Genesis Grid Loop which allow theme designers to quickly create grid based layouts for content sections. StudioPress published an advanced tutorial earlier this week too – definitely one worth checking out.
Organic Themes – Approaching Theme Design
WPCandy Posted a video from Organic Themes …

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Gawker redesign inspired Qawker Free WordPress theme released

15 February 2011 comment icon1 | Categories: theme news

This one just popped up on my radar just now. Sahas Katta of Skatter Tech had some free time last weekend and put together a pretty cool Gawker redesign inspired wordpress theme called Qawker. Sahas claims to not be a professional web designer or developer but from looking at Qawker and the previous work done on Skatter Tech they bloody well should be!
Great work Sahas!

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