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WooCommerce Payment Gateway for Realex Payments released

06 June 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: plugins

So the last couple of weeks of May and the start of June have been really hectic and my posting schedule here has suffered big time as a result. Today I’m delighted to announce the release of my first payment gateway for WooCommerce. Realex Payments is a leading European online payment gateway. It’s really well established in Ireland for merchants who don’t want to use an intermediary like Paypal. It’s also increasingly popular in the UK with customers like Vodafone, Virgin Atlantic and Aer Lingus (Irelands flag carrier airline). I’ve been putting this WooCommerce extension together for a few months now but other commitments prevented me from putting the finishing touches to it so it’s …

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Featured packed Jigoshop V1.0 released

01 February 2012 comment icon0 | Categories: plugins

It looks like the folks over at Jigoshop have not been slacking off in January with today’s announcement that Jigoshop V1.0 is out! Dan the team have clearly been listening to the community and have delivered in spades for V1.0.
Key highlights

Complete overhaul of the Products UI – This is a biggie – many WordPress based shop plugins often struggle with the plugin management UI. The best plugins strike a balance of maintaining the consistent design patterns recommended by the WordPress dev team while ensuring the specific use cases for the plugin are as simple as possible to complete. I think the Jigoshop team have done a top notch job on this front.
As someone who has …

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WooCommerce launched by WooThemes

27 September 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: plugins, theme news

Wow a whole month with no posts! Sorry about that folks – you might think this means I’ve been hiding under a rock and not keeping up with whats going on with WordPress these days. Far from it – I’m still knee deep trying to ship a new WordPress theme which is taking forever with other customer commitments so blogging time has been the poor cousin of the family for a few weeks – all that should change real soon.
In the meantime WooThemes dropped a major announcement today which is worthy of a quick post. WooCommerce has just been released. Make no mistake – this is a big big day for WooThemes. The full release details can …

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Hello WooCommerce, Bye bye Jigoshop?

25 August 2011 comment icon17 | Categories: opinion, plugins, theme news

Hmm…this is an interesting one.  WooThemes have pulled off a pretty spectacular move today and forked Jigoshop (our favourite new WordPress eCommerce plugin) into WooCommerce, which will replace it’s heretofore unsuccessful attempts at creating a WooCommerce platform off their own bat. The possibly bigger news is not only have they forked Jigoshop but they’ve brought in the 2 main guys responsible for making it in the first place – Jay Koster & Mike Jolley from Jigowatt. This move by WooThemes raises all sorts of emotions.
Has this move effectively killed Jigoshop?
I’m sure Jigowatt will not be too pleased. In one swoop, WooThemes have forked their project and nabbed the 2 guys responsible for most of the work that …

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Run your own stackoverflow clone with WordPress plugin

26 April 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: plugins

When stackoverflow launched a few years ago I instantly fell in love with it. Seemingly everyone else did too and it has now become the defacto place for developers to go to get answers to some of the most obscure problems and challenges we all face on a daily basis. I’ve yet to come across a problem that I couldn’t get some really useful help from some of the smartest people on the planet over there.
Ever wanted to run a stackoverflow type of website for yourself? Well now you can. WPMU just launched their new Q&A plugin called Q&A (funnily enough!) The plugin costs $99 but believe me – this is a minute fraction of …

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