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WordPress Deployment Options

23 June 2011 comment icon2 | Categories: development

Ok I’ve had enough – I NEED better options for deploying WordPress websites.
Right now I manage a LOT of WordPress websites – probably close to 40 sites – maybe more. In fact I’ve lost count!
Right now my development process goes something like this.

Download latest and great WordPress stable version
Build website locally – get everything looking sweet within a XAMPP instance on my Mac.
Deploy website to a staging/test link – this is where the process gets messy. My deployment process at the moment is far from ideal and I’m sure it can be automated and streamlined. Anyway, this is what I currently do:

Dumpy mysql DB .
Zip local WordPress instance.
Setup staging DB user/db.
Import DB to staging server.

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Theme News Roundup – June 19

19 June 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

It’s been a while since I did a theme news roundup. Without further ado, here goes:
Responsive WordPress
Continuing our obsession with all things Responsive – WPMU has a nice showcase of Responsive WordPress sites and also has a list of free Responsive WordPress themes. Siobhan from WPMU also appears to share my obsession for Responsive web design as I just noticed another post from this week over on WPMU on how to optimise your WordPress site for the iPad.
Go check ’em out people – this is the future.
New WordPress Podcast
Studionashvegas has started an interesting new WordPress Podcast/Drivecast which features Mitch delivering the podcast on his daily commute – nice idea Mitch and I’m listening to the …

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High Performance WordPress – Part 1

18 June 2011 comment icon18 | Categories: performance, theme news

Picture the scene. You’ve spent weeks and months working on your WordPress blog, carefully crafting some great blog posts about a subject that’s close to your heart. You’ve found or built a great WordPress theme that does a great job showcasing your content to the world. You’ve checked out countless Top 10 lists telling you about all the best plugins to use to make your blog the best blog it can be. You’re ready to take on the world. You slowly build a bit of a following to your site – building traffic day by day. A small trickle at first, maybe just a handful of visitors and not a single comment. But all the …

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Classy new free HTML5 WordPress theme from Smashing Magazine

08 June 2011 comment icon0 | Categories: theme news

Every now and again Smashing Magazine release a free WordPress theme. Normally with free WordPress themes, I approach them with limited expectations. After all the theme is free – there’s got to be limitations right? Surely it can’t be on a par with the level of quality we expect from commercial theme shops? Well, not so with Smashing Mag themes. Time and time again they hire some of the best theme developers to produce fantastic quality WordPress themes that meet and often surpass the quality of that which are sold commercially.
Today’s new release is no exception. In fact it’s got me quite excited. Yoko is a free WordPress theme produced by Elma and Manuel from …

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